Collections and Executing on Texas Judgments:

We cover the state of Texas and work hard so our clients can rely upon our experience to collect their money owed. Choosing the best strategy is important so as not to waste client’s money. The last thing most of our clients want to do is throw good money at bad money. Skilled Texas collection attorneys also need to understand how marital property and claims for exemption can affect execution of judgments. We often perform crucial discovery in aid of execution, including interrogatories, document production and oral depositions to best ascertain the financial solvency of the debtors. This experience in executing and enforcing upon judgments gives our clients the best advantage of collecting their money owed.

Obtaining the Texas judgment is not enough to collect debt and money owed to you. Obtaining the judgment is only Step 1 in the Texas debt collection process. Most attorneys can obtain judgment against debtors and defendants who do not respond to lawsuits. This is called the default judgment. Obtaining the judgment is usually the easiest part of the collection process. Step 2 is collecting on the judgment. Texas does not allow wage garnishment. Many attorneys, businesses and individuals have relied upon the expertise of our Texas law firm in collecting judgments they were all unable to collect.

We work more affordably than most other ‘civil litigators’ because we: a) can perform the legal tasks more efficiently and faster, and b) can charge less per hour because this is all we do. We go through the necessary steps to obtain the Judgment, so we charge fewer hours along the way, then collect the Judgment given the available and appropriate Texas legal remedies, without having to “reinvent the wheel” every time.

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How to Collect Texas Money Owed:

THE LAW OFFICES OF SAM EMERICK, P.C. takes extreme pride in its ability to collect Texas debt. Our clients consist of small to medium-sized businesses, factoring companies, and individuals. When the collection agencies cannot collect a debt, they call our Dallas law firm for help. Over the past 35 years, we have helped creditors recover monies and debts for all sorts of account receivables, including money loaned. We have vast experience in enforcing judgments.

These days, small business owners cannot afford not to be paid for their goods and services. We have helped our business clients engage in pre-litigation, litigation and post-litigation strategies, including repossession, seizure of bank accounts and sheriff’s sale of personal and business property. There are times for filing suit in collections and there are times to negotiate. We help our clients make the best overall business decisions to collect their money fast.

We are skilled at tracking defendants and their assets. Our computer research allows us to track the assets of individuals and corporations. We routinely hire skilled private investigators to research the location of assets, vehicles, and bank account information. When debtors hide, our hired investigators find them. We can have personal items repossessed and will authorize the repossession of vehicles in appropriate case. We have collected large sums of money by garnishing bank accounts and obtaining a turnover of assets.  If need be we are aggressive litigators.

Our Legal Services Cover Dallas, McKinney & Denton, Texas

We offer legal services in Dallas, Collin & Denton counties in Texas and have the knowledge, skill and expertise to collect debt from even the most difficult debtors. We spend considerable time ensuring that we are familiar with the local rules so that our national clients do not need more than one law firm in Texas. If you or your business are owed money anywhere in the state of Texas, rest assured, we have the competency and resources to collect the money owed without you having to hire multiple law firms throughout the state.

Our current clients have trusted us for almost 3 decades to collect their outstanding debt and monies owed. We keep clients because we produce results. We offer our aggressive services on an hourly basis, or a flat fee, depending on the prospects of collection and the wealth of the defendant debtor. We are always fair with our clients, because we believe it is their money, not ours.