Debt Collection Attorney Serving Dallas, TX

Debt Collection Attorney Serving Dallas, TX
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We handle your business debt collection so you can focus on running your business.

Mr. Emerick, a seasoned business debt collection lawyer in Dallas, and President of the Law Offices of Sam Emerick, P.C. helps creditors obtain payment on debts. Mr. Emerick delivers efficient and tangible results to creditors and businesses who are looking to collect a debt.

The Law Offices of Sam Emerick help business creditors who are frustrated attempting to collect debt. Many times, creditors believe that they will be able to resolve the problem on their own; a letter requesting payment, a phone call asking for an explanation, or a proposed meeting regarding delinquent accounts receivable. Unfortunately, these measures rarely produce any tangible results.

I have helped many businesses turn receivables into cash. With thirty-five years of legal knowledge and experience representing and advocating for my clients, I have the knowledge and experience in business debt collection matters to help make the best decisions about your collection problems.

Creditors often seek the help of collection agencies. This won’t help. Collection agencies aim to collect debt while receiving a percentage from creditors on the amount collected. Collection agencies are rarely successful in securing payments from debtors.

Collection agencies lack the legal muscle and ability required to obtain judgments and enforce payments through post-judgment collection through the courts in Dallas. Typical tactics of collection agencies involve contacting debtors by phone and mail. The aggressive and unprofessional approach of many collection agencies has led to statutory restrictions embodied in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

As a licensed attorney and Dallas debt collector, Mr. Emerick understands that filing suit against the debtor is your only realistic way to recover your businesses’ money. Before filing a lawsuit, Mr. Emerick’s law office may negotiate with a debtor, but normally, Mr. Emerick will file a lawsuit seeking a judgment on the amount owed.

From there, Mr. Emerick uses his 35-year legal experience and all available legal remedies to secure payments from debtors. Some solutions may involve skip-trace and asset-search, then after judgment, garnishments of bank accounts, and turnover of the debtor’s assets. If you are frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to recover debts and monies owed, contact a seasoned collection lawyer in Dallas, Sam Emerick at the Law Offices of Sam Emerick, P.C.

Established in Dallas Texas in 1982 our law firm has been representing clients in commercial debt collection for more than 35 years. At the Law Offices of Sam Emerick, P.C., we are focused on providing excellent services to our commercial clients.

Our firm works one-on-one with your business in order to provide personalized legal solutions. I personally take the time to analyze and understand your business and research a solution. By getting to know you and your company and becoming thoroughly acquainted with the circumstances of your case, I am able to provide the best advice and guidance when you need it most.

I do not assign your case to an associate.

We offer very competitive pricing, with with hourly charges from $175-$190 per hourand specialize in working your case quickly, efficiently, and with a view toward sending you a check. We are able to answer questions and provide status reports to keep our clients informed. In addition, we do not drag matters out unnecessarily.

We are located conveniently to the courthouses in Dallas, McKinney, and Denton Texas. We are open from 9-6 and offer a free initial consultation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Call 214-752-8800 to speak with Sam Emerick, Dallas debt collection attorney.

Representative Clients:

Primary Media Outdoor; Capital Electric Motor Service; Cordeck Roofing Supplies; Twin City Security; Financial Halo; Heritage Stonecraft; Transport Factoring; Partnership Employment; Lenco Credit Union.


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